My fiber sculptures are hand woven from natural, undyed fibers. I use wool, cotton, linen, silk and other natural fibers. These materials are durable and versatile, providing a variety of nature's colors and textures for my woven pieces. Each sculpture is unique, one-of-a-kind, and all designs are copyrighted.  As a former high school art teacher, in Owensboro, KY, I have an art background in various mediums, but I am self-taught in fiber and weaving. 
The concept is my own idea inspired by nature. The designs and techniques used to produce each piece have evolved over 32 years of working in fiber. I have kept a portfolio dating back to 1982 showing the evolution of my work.
Gloria McRobertsThe time consuming labor of each piece limits production to approximately 30 to 40 pieces a year. I do not employ apprentices or assistants. All pieces are made entirely by me. Due to this limited production, I choose to market my work at a few select art shows. I value the opportunity to meet my customers personally and help them obtain the perfect piece to complement their home or business.

Gloria McRoberts